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Judie Rundle

Judies parents used to own the Warneet Boat Hire and Judie spent most of her weekends at Warneet during the mid 1980's.  During a night out at the Tooradin Pub with her brother she met Grant Kernot, "the best looking bloke in Tooradin" she said.  Grant is a member of a local family whose history has been entrenched in this beautiful coastal town since the 1800's.  In 1990, Grant and Judie welcomed their beautiful daughter Sarah to the world.

A teacher at Tooradin Primary School for twelve years, Judie had the pleasure of watching many students grow into fine young adults, many of which still reside in Tooradin.  Judie finds it funny when 40 year olds say "Hi Mrs Rundle!"

After purchasing land from Grandma Jean Kernot, Grant built a beautiful family home and they moved in during early 2000.  Judie enjoys her beautiful now established garden, lots of mozzies and many friendly birds on the two acres in the middle of Tooradin looking out over Westernport Bay and French Island.  Judy was excited to welcome their first grandchild, Beau in October 2016 with beautiful Leila arriving in 2018.  In order to spend every possible minute as a Nan, Judie retired after 16 years at Beaconshills College, Berwick and after a total teaching career of 41 years.  "I enjoyed every minute" she said.

On New Years Day 2018 Judie realised she needed to do something other than gardening and adoring Beau 24/7.  Her Grandmother, Great Aunt and Uncle were all very talented Artists with her father having a keen interest in photography.  With a love of her roses, she is proud to maintain Charlie Adams' roses at the Tooradin Sports Club and roses are what Judie started to draw.  After posting a completed painting on social media, Judie was encouraged by people liking what they saw and was thrilled to receive her first request to paint two more.  


The garden shed became her studio, where easels and paints share space with lawn mowers and garden tools!  The garden shed is freezing in winter and boiling in Summer but it has become her "happy place, where hours pass by with music in the background and Abby, the border collie (who likes to visit Tides on her self guided tours of Tooradin)"

Grant suggested painting / drawing some of the iconic buildings of Tooradin and this is where her inspiration for the "Tooradin Series" came from.  She still has two to add to the series, Harewood House (the first house built in Tooradin) and Isle Views another historic house of Tooradin.

The Pelicans were drawn from Judies fathers photographs; and the penguins were also painted by her Aunt Audrey.  Both now adorn the walls at Tides.

Judie LOVES Tooradin, LOVES the community, LOVES the water, LOVES the beach, LOVES her family and now LOVES painting and drawing.

"Thank you Tony & Rochelle for featuring my work at Tides.  It has been the the realisation of a dream way beyond anything I could have hoped for as an emerging Artist I am so truly grateful for the acknowledgement"

Note: Tony and Rochelle could not be prouder to display Judie's work at Tides and have already had people ask if the images are for sale, we are happy to say that they are!

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